Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

Protect your Memories: Pack anything that you cannot live without, in your car, such as photographs, jewelry, mementos, framed art or fragile items, easily broken. Computers, hard drives and other electronics are also better off moved in your car. For extra protection, wrap these items in sheets and blankets for safe moving and added protection.
•Packing plates: Wrap plates with foam, paper or plastic for cushioning and stack vertically. This also applies to those oldies, record albums. When packing cups and bowels, also make sure to put cushioning material between.
•Lighting: Unscrew and remove lightbulbs before packing your lamps to avoid accidently breaking them.
•Don’t forget about the Fridge: After you have cleaned out your fridge, sanitized it by wiping with white vinegar, put coffee beans, and baking soda in your fridge to absorb residual odors.
•Protect your plants: When moving plants, make sure your vehicle is similar temperature to your home, make sure the foliage does not touch the windows, severe temperatures can hurt the plants.
•Medication: Make sure you move your prescription medications with you, in your vehicle. Don’t risk missing dosages if your move is delayed.
•Pack an overnight bag: Be sure to pack a few days of clothing changes for each family member to take in your car. Also bring along personal care items for each family member.
•Pets: Moving with pets can be stressful, make sure you pack their dishes, leashes, beds and some toys so that they have the familiar items at their disposal when you arrive. The familiarity will be comforting to your pets. Don’t forget food and extra water!
•Don’t forget to change your address: Change your address with the post office, which can be done online, and contact all of your utility companies for your old and new home. Set up all necessary accounts.
•Packing: Tempted to load those big boxes to the brim? Do the opposite, pack small boxes with heavier items and larger boxes with lighter items. This will make each size more manageable.
•Label those boxes: Get different colors of duct tape to color coordinate your boxes for each room. For instance, every box of kitchen items may have yellow duct tape and a description written on the tape of the items in the box. Green taped boxes can be designated for bathroom items, etc. Have a list of the color codes, what room each is assigned to, i.e., bedroom 2 and a description of where that room is located for the movers. Make sure there is someone on the other end of the move to direct the movers to different rooms so the boxes do not become mixed up. This will make unpacking much easier
•ake Notes
Make a note of your invoice and mover phone numbers, keep them with you in case you need to call your mover with questions or concerns.

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